May, June & July 2023 Donations

May, June & July 2023 Donations

The months of May, June and July allowed us to donate to a nursing home and first responders. 

In May, our donation was to The Chelsea in Bridgewater.  When we donate to nursing homes, we always say to share between residents and staff because we love to make the residents smile but are in awe of the amazing staff who takes care of them. 

In June, we donated to the Woodbridge Fire Dept.  We had just started our Woodbridge Farmer's Market on the other side of the train station and wanted to show our appreciation for all they do for the community.

In July, our donation was selected for us.  One INCREDIBLY rainy Tuesday, our Watchung Farmer's Market was canceled but don't worry about the goodies; we took everything over to the police department!  Thank you for all you do keeping our community safe!

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